Aliyar dam is a popular tourist destination. Near Aliyar dam are some visitor attractions including a park, garden, aquarium, play area and a mini Theme-Park maintained by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Corporation for visitors enjoyment. Temple of Consciousness is situated near Aliyar dam entrance at Arutperunjothi Nagar, where Vethathiri_Maharishi resides. The scenery is beautiful, with mountains surrounding three quarters of the reservoir. Boating is also available. Monkey Falls is located at 6 Kms from the dam next to Arutperunjothi Nagar and Forest Department Checkpost.

aliyar park gate
Aliyar Park Enterance

Aliyar Park is a beautifully landscaped garden on the front side of the Aliyar Dam. It is full of lush green lawns with well laid-out flower beds. There are pathways to watch and enjoy variety of fountains and marvelous sculptures, There is a canal flowing through the middle of the garden, which has hanging bridges above it. Boating Facility is available in Aliyar Dam.

ஆழியார் அணையின் பூங்கா, அணைக்கட்டு முன் அமைந்துள்ளது. பசுமை புல்களும் வண்ண செடிகளும், மனதிற்கு இன்பம் கூட்டுபவை.


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